Improving the Lives of Autistic Children in Congo

Through Education, Early Intervention, and Outreach

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Meet Emile

Meet Emile

The day I was told that I had a child with Autism, I died inside. My dreams as a young mother and wife along with the hope of my child living a healthy and productive life were shattered. It seemed as if I had just received the death penalty without committing a crime! I had feelings of rage, disappointment and fear. I also had strong feelings of humiliation, shame and guilt. I believed that God had removed His hand of blessing from us.

Emile's Story

Supporting the Familiy

Parents need to have a place to go where they are not judged or looked down on for having an Autistic child. It is customary in the Democratic Republic of Congo for pregnant women to go a center on a designated day to check on the baby’s evolution. Maybe this practice will also make them feel a bit better or less ashamed. Here they can also have an opportunity to talk and ask any questions to the experts.


The Kolongo School

Autism Congo seeks to shift perspectives on Autism in the Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond through school-based instruction for children with Autism, medical and material resource provision for communities and cultural outreach workshops, seminars and focus groups designed to tear down barriers to awareness and improve outcomes.

Our First Steps
The Kolongo School

Educating the Community

Mothers of children born with Autism in the Democratic Republic of Congo face severe challenges and pressures. They are often shamed, ostracized, and led to believe it is their fault. Their child is often seen as useless, contagious, and even demonic. They feel abandoned, isolated and alone.

the social stigmas

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