The Kolongo School

The Kolongo School

Improving Family Outcomes Through Classroom Environments

The New Site of the Kolongo School

Autism Congo SchoolAutism Congo is working to build a school for Autistic children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This will allow children with Autism to thrive in ways that children with Autism do in the United States and other Western developed countries.

Our School will provide Autistic children with instruction faculty and administrators trained to work with ASD children.

In addition to providing a safe and nurturing educational environment for Autistic children, our school will also offer outreach and supportive services for their families. We believe this will improve outcomes and reduce homelessness in children with Autism in Congo.

A Mother’s Story

My name is Yvette Mahenzi, I am Bonheur’s mom. Bonheur is 12 years old with Autism. He has a lot of complications. He needs a special school, doesn’t relate to others, has poor hygiene, and doesn’t communicate well. I am the only one who understands him as his mom. I have to monitor him daily; it is a very heavy load to carry alone as a single woman. He sleeps at daytime and is awake at night. I can’t sleep all night because I have to monitor him and I go to work in the morning.

It is a very difficult task. I worry about his future, what would happen when he is too big for me to restrain him? Where can I find the help I need? He is not stupid, but he needs professional help to direct his path. We don’t have specialized schools or trained staff to help him improve. Children with Autism are seen as crazy or evil, but maybe that’s the same way they see us. I am calling on everyone to please help! Help us help these kids because they are smart. We would greatly appreciate it.

And schools need supplies…

We need to raise money to equip the Kolongo School with learning essentials such as sensory items, flexibility seating like bean bags, wobble stools, balance balls, velcro, magnetic strips/pieces, colored printer, paper books, center activities for littles ones, a kitchen, water/sand table, tent, mini trampoline, legos, therapy swings, dry erase markers and boards, weight blankets, lap pads, wikki sticks, therapy puffy baskets and trays.

Help us help them…

The need is great in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our school will be located just outside Kinshasa, a city of over 17 million people! This is the largest city in DR Congo and we hope to meet the needs of the people there.

Will you help us? Please contact us or donate. Thank you and God bless you for your generous gifts.

Helps us help the families and community of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo