Center for Diagnosis

Parents need to have a place to go where they are not judged or looked down on for having an Autistic child. It is customary in the Democratic Republic of Congo for pregnant women to go a center on a designated day to check on the baby’s evolution. Maybe this practice will also make them feel a bit better or less ashamed. Here they can also have an opportunity to talk and ask any questions to the experts.

Early Intervention Therapy

Autism Congo aims to increase available medical, material, and diagnostic resources to improve early intervention and therapy for children with Autism.

Specialized Services

Speech, occupational, ABA therapy etc., and counseling. There is no service at all right now that could help children with Autism. Access to materials. Appropriate educational Development of children with Autism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is urgently needed.

Skills Centers for Mothers

Often times this burden is placed on mothers because fathers can’t handle the shame or pressure and will end up abandoning their family to start a new one. This also causes resentment among the siblings and even the mother.

So now the mother must care for her child and because the father has left the family she no longer has his income to help feed and care for them.

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